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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 26, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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tonight at eight.. a 14-year-old girl is dead.. after being hit by a pick-up truck while riding her bike to school this morning. it happened at about 8- 30.. at the intersection of jefferson avenue and alameda de las pulgas in redwood city. kron-4's reggie kumar is live... first,tonight.. a vallejo father is behind bars... for allegedly gunning down a teenager.. who bullied his 44-year-old randee williams is charged with murdering the 17-year-old boy early sunday morning. but williams' wife says.. he did not commit the crime.. she spoke to our haaziq maydun.. in a story you'll only see on kron-4.
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>> this meeting just got over moments ago. perhaps the city is looking for something and somebody that has a good background, but somebody that is community oriented and 51 a police chief that could be outside of san jose. >> for someone to come in and be a leader and lead from the heart. to encourage the officers to develop
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community policing the way that it should be with working with the community. >> somebody with the department that is going to know the san jose, the citizens of san jose. >> the biggest issue is out to you deal with the budget and conveyed to the officers. it has to be resolved and if you're not going to resolve the budget you are not going to be successful. >> there are three more meetings wednesday, and two more. the chief will leave so they cannot have much time. to choose another police chief. charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> heavy fog causing problems this morning and big storms are just around the corner this is the deal with major delays. and this thick fog from this morning. more on the weather and the storm preparations which are under way. first, scott is
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at s f o. severe delays >> it has gotten bigger better--but not as bad as it was-earlier. airport officials said there was the least 100 fault thousand passengers. most of them saw delayed. 112,000 passengers. >> after spending thanksgiving here actually and her family are going back to philadelphia. traveling after the busiest traveling day and going ahead she thought that are troubled they would be smoot. >> we saw that it was 8- travel hour delay. >> a spokesperson said that the airport had to go on flow control because of the fog which cuts the amount of landings from 60 to cut the amount of 30. >> delays of 60-90 pfennigs
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in duration. >> this was after one of a 30,000 travel through yesterday. today, not as many travelers but there were more delays and cancellations. and 43 cancellations and 134 different flights and three of those for international. >> we have three kids. >> the passengers should check with their airlines and status of their flight. >> they kept saying that our flight was going to be on time. >> now that the weather is clear, the backlog of flights can clear eventually hopes she can get home with more easy with no more delays. >> and hoping aware will be will to get home sometime tonight. >> the delays are impacting so many and even dan kerman was on a flight out of san diego. he tells us how the delay impacted them. am i was scheduled on a 10-20 of virgin america with the
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arrival at a san francisco at noon. but i was caught up in those same delays. the monitors indicated that the flight was on time but i knew that that was not true because the version website said the appeal leaving a 12th. fun and the monitors caught up. i walked down to united. they were equally delayed. i came back with virgin america and i said is 12 noon the right time. 12 noon is one we're going to be checking in but the wheels of cannot surely break until 1:00 p.m. basically i found that the monitors are wrong most of the day and the only way to get accurate information was to speak with a human being behind the desk. we arrived at terminal no. 2 at 2:32.5 hours after the scheduled departure time. dan kerman. >> weather wise, we did have a pleasant start but tonight conditions are pretty clear. this is a live look at downtown san francisco. and
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if changes are underway with a series of powerful storms. i am in here with the weather center with jacqueline. will tracking this wet weather and starting off with the clouds. >> the clouds are increasing but we could see more. the rain as the go towards tomorrow and early wednesday morning. to zoom out, let me show you that it is well to the north. pretty much right underneath our logo on the screen and the tail end of it is extending well done to the south. there is the corner of the storm in that sub-tropical moisture. when that happens, we can get a lot of rainfall. and as we take a look at futurecast with the increasing cloud coverage but dry. with even chances of light rain along the coast but i think we will stay mainly dry for tomorrow. early wednesday, the ring will start about 1:00 p.m. but look at the
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heavy rainfall coming in for the morning commute. we will time it out on futurecast with rainfall totals and how much more we will see for the weekend. >> as we mentioned of the top of the newscast this 14 year-old girl was hit by a pickup truck which was riding her bicycle on the order school. she was killed reggie kumar is live on what happened. reggie? >> residents have started a makeshift memorial at this intersection where this child was killed. they have left flowers, and candles and let me show you a video. the redwood officials said that the 14 year-old was on her way to a high school riding her bicycle and she was also wearing a helmet. she was making a right turn a pickup truck was also making a right turn and hit the girl. administrators
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would not go on camera but the assistant principal said that they are sad and prepared for tomorrow. grief counselors will be on campus. a woman who lives near the intersection does not know the girl was in tears about what happened she did not want to show her face. >> it is actually shocking. but it has happened. it is just tragic. >> investigators said the driver is cooperating and will not be arrested and it does not appear that he was intoxicated during the accident. reporting live, reggie kumar, kron 4. >> tonight at 8:00 p.m. lawmakers to back to avoid steering the clear off of that this coke lot. and the fda takes action against -- fiscal cliff -- and also salmonella with peanut butter. >> cyber monday, with some
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>> 36 days and counting, the bush era tax cuts and the implementation of massive spending cuts if they do not come to an agreement. they are back in washington after the thanksgiving break. as catherine heenan explains there are some hints of compromise. the most americans understand the fiscal cliff is a scary and a series of living tax hikes. it could damage the economy. president obama has been pressuring congressional leaders to reach a compromise that increases taxes on wealthy americans. a handful of republicans are suggesting
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they might break their pledge to never vote for higher indicate taxes. >> and for the good of the country only if democrats would do a title that. >> the pledge that we signed 18-20 years ago but the world has changed. >> is music to the ears of the white house but disturbing to this man. the anti-tax crusader that cut republicans to tax no tax- agreement. it >> if you want to go to your voters and say i promised to this and i am breaking the promise you have that conversation. >> if he seems confident so for these numbers are not on his side. 258 members of congress that have signed the pledge with only one half dozen have publicly expressed doubts about it. the test of weather they are were ready to break the tax increase will, in the next six weeks. catherine heenan, kron 4. >> the state of york is
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requesting nearly $42 billion in federal money to help with recovery efforts from super storm sandy earlier today the mayor explained in a news conference that roughly $33 billion from that aid will go towards repairs and restoration. the other 9 billion will go to flood prevention and power supply. >> i know that the taxpayers of the new-york cannot shoulder this burden and i do not think that it is fair to ask them. this nation has a long history to provide supplementals of helping each other. in a time of need. this state and region of the country is always been there to support other regions of the country when they needed help. well, we need help today. >> the new-york ser city mayor says that his city offersuffer-$90 billion.
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>> the food and drug administration-90 millio billio9 --million. >> sundlun ink plant after salmonella from peanut butter made at the processing plant at sold at trader joe's. this fta will prevent from anny distribution. the fda.. hi operating under the guideline of a food safety law that passed last year. >> still dry conditions and a similar day to what we saw today with waking up of dense fog and portions of the bay area card breaks of sunshine and we will see increase in cloud coverage for later. as that storm approaches on wednesday that will bring heavy rain and wind in the morning. as we go towards thursday. first,
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let us talk about the temperatures. temperatures in the 40's pretty much everywhere 38 and pleasanton and for the afternoon we will be looking at temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 60s and richmond, hayward, 64 degrees in san jose. no, let us talk about that rainfall with clouds and that storm is up to the north. that tale and to the self and of to the sub- tropical moisture that is going to be a heavy rainfall for most of the bay area. as we take a look get futurecast much of it will stay dry. light rain but i think that it will stay dry until after midnight. through 1:00 p.m.. by 3:00 p.m., and the main is coming in at 6. moderate along the san mateo coast and pretty widespread by 7:00 p.m.. we
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will see that widespread moderate/heavy rainfall. it will continue into the 10:00 p.m. hour. by 11, better conditions but a fight over. of that moderate/heavy rainfall will be some serious rainfall totals. 1 in.-2 in. in the rainfall santa cruz mountains. we will see about 1/2-inch elsewhere. so much rainfall and a short amount of time that a flood watch is in effect for the delta. i would not be surprised if the wind advisory is also issued towards wednesday morning some very strong wind gusting. near the coast. 60 m.p.h.. as for the sierras is not a very cold storm so we're only going to storm the higher elevations. that will be above 6,000 ft.. and 7,500 ft. but we do have more chances of snowfall of the higher elevations. a series of systems that will be impacting northern california. and the wind
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with a break but other than that not many breaks of rainfall saturday, sunday, monday, the rainfall expected each of those days. >> coming up later, coach jim harbaugh is playing it cool. and will have that story in a few minutes and guess what? the quick mcmahon for the giants just found out. the equipment man will take a leader in this broadcast. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover,
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>> the update of brian stowe. why the hospital that is treating him is seeking more than $1 million from the dodgers. >> i think we finally find something >> this new trend that is bringing back youthful skin with no needles or paying. >> 8---the pain-plenty of
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rain fall on the extended forecast with details, coming up.
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among our top stories at 8:a 30 vallejo police is accused of killing a 17 year-old teenager. son. 44-year-old randee murdering the 17-year-old boy early sunday morning. >> heavy fogo, departing flights. experienced delays between 60-90 minutes and some cases even longer 42 flights per cancelled. >> the national retail federation of to one of 47 million shopped on-line or on stores that is up 9% from
8:32 pm
last year. more consumers spent more with a $25 more per person. economists say that it is good news but it is still too soon to tell if that trend will continue. tonight, new details on brian stowe. the local hospital is now seeking more than $1 million from the los angeles dodgers. and j. r. stone. this was filed today? >> this was requested last week but we all know that lawyers go after money and that is exactly what they are doing and i have a good argument. the hospital once the dodgers and the former owner to pay $1.2 million for brian stowe was care. the santa clara para paddock was treated at s.f. general between may-october. this
8:33 pm
sand-medic -- was beaten and the parking lot and his medical costs could be $50 million. this has been allowed in bankruptcy court and they filed for this poughkeepsie last year. since that time, they have been sold and it has been sold for a record $2 billion. we are talking a lot of money that lawyers are going after. >> what is really the likelihood of hospital and the family will have a chance to collect? with the judge is going to collec look at this and say was it really to blame for the dodgers? was it a lack of security. and if it was you can see that brian stowe is in these pictures. if it was that lack of security, low lighting and say yes that you have to pay. that $2
8:34 pm
million for the team sold but also television rights at $6.90 for the next 25 years. and if they say i do not know what the doctors. and they are and find money shape right now. >> thank you, j. r.. >> gun fire at a breeze and armed robbery attempt in san jose jewelry store. the armed suspects are not the ones who opened fire >> early monday morning this store in san mucjose had just opened up. there were too bad that storm through that are armed with handguns. the clerks of the both the suspects started hitting disc jewelry case trying to break it. inside was expensive jewelry, and the clerk said that the feed mill owner pulled out a hand gun and opened fire. it is not clear how many shots
8:35 pm
were fired and the suspects fled quickly. empty-handed. nobody was injured. as far as the owner, they say that it is unusual and not recommended. >> he did not recommend somebody pulling out their own a handgun? >> correct we would rather that they comply with the request, the demands. they were after material items that can be replaced. >> these were masked gunmen from surveillance they're hoping to help solve this crime with this surveillance video. terisa the stock show, kron 4. >> that dense fog could return with portions of the north no. 8. visibility does not look that bad but still, we concecan still see-43 in vallejo. with more clear
8:36 pm
skies that we are seeing in the north bay with reduced visibility to what happened and novado. 2 mi. in santa rosa and not that bad along the coast. it is expected to change overnight with areas of dense fog and chilly temperatures in those areas that did not usually get the dense fog. tomorrow, mostly clear but the court claude's will approach. you are not going to want to manbusiness futurecast with impacting a missed big-... commute. >> stanford university showing that there is science behind one high- tech and daiichi tool. the laser that uses light to make cells younger. >> this is so bright it normally would have to work dark goggles it is the
8:37 pm
blinding light that is making scanned look at younger but also causing this can sell is to be, younger. >> we are reversing the gene expression to the large degree of youthful skin. >> it is it changing the d and eight of scan that this new stanford clinical study that just a cosmetic mimic of young scanned. this is altering humid jeans with the human process. plastic surgeons of berkeley, lafayette are impressed. >> it is coast as to the fountain of youth as we have. >> this cytone.. >> broadband light treatment. spot radiance in san francisco to try and improve for scanned. >> of of course my skin has changed since i've gotten older. and after four assessing inch.
8:38 pm
>> 43. >> people in their 40's and '50's are still going to get in their 50s are still producing college and. >> your skin cells will go back 10-15 years you literally the cell becomes younker. this is science. this is science. it becomes -- younger. >> vicki, kron 4. >> this is being used by a number of dermatologists to treat skin damage. but now, the stanford study is out and there are other anti aging properties. you can a match and that it is an going to be in high demand. >> coming up you donated your stuff to a local charity. or so you thought. it might not be the case in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>> now for today's market
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update. stocks closed lower as investors are worried about the looming fiscal cliff. business groups and lawmakers are still bickering. the dow jones lost 43 points to close at below 13,000. the s&p fell three points and the nasdaq only came only a few points. >> is beginning to look a lot like christmas with the white house. with the capitol christmas tree and washington d.c.. the 65 ft. sprues came from the white river national forest in colorado. they spent this morning installing it with a approximately 5000 ornaments. and it will be led by john boehner next month. >> coming up in sports the san jose basketball takes on the no. 10 team in the
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country. and smith, kaepernick, kaepernick course met the 49ers continues. what are bought and of course gary, next. music's, ready !
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and shareable data... ... across your family's devices, all in one plan. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. phil (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. blog. this is not difficult to find these collection bins. they would believe that your donating things for charity. >> how are you are donating because that is what is on the box. and yes, they will word is used words like to donate but it says for profit. and the interesting thing is that they do not
8:45 pm
even know how they got here. this one and safeway has been here for a while. these are right outside of a rite aid have been out for four years. and this out of an auto repair shop showed up and the owner wanted to go away. this one behind here. >> nobody said anything, it just appeared. >> what do you do? providing that it is bolted to the ground >> these are being dropped off and if nobody complains they will stay put and there's nobody to turn 2. and in fact i called every phone number and every one i got a recording to leave a message. with the exception of one it was a local nonprofit. >> community assistance for retarded and handicapped we've been a run for 40 years. we have been servicing individuals with
8:46 pm
intellectual and develop base. >> and i asked how do these for-profit impacter charity. >> having a multitude of boxes that are placed out there more than likely illegitimately has put a huge dent and what we are able to do. >> these for-profit seem to be hurting local charities but also libraries. and some of your donations are being sold to third world countries. not all of donation bins are created equal and we all need to read the fine print before week donate. and castro valley, stanley roberts, kron 4. >> serious wet weather as we go towards wednesday it will last for the weekend. one more day of dry weather before the changes move in with dense weather. clear skies and increasing chances with the gusting
8:47 pm
winds and we will have another rain on the heels of that one on thursday. the satellite showing some increasing cloud coverage with the storm setting well offshore. the tail end of bit to the south and that is showing some tropical moisture. heavy rain with this system and tomorrow, a chance of light showers to the north bay. we should state mainly dry with showers after midnight. in the north bay and then for the inland valleys. however, take a look at this yellow with moderate/heavy. at 6-7:00 p.m. with fairly widespread and will stay widespread until 9:00 p.m. this will be a pretty heavy rainfall coming down for several hours. continuing by 10:00 p.m.. antioch, livermore and in the north bay. and everywhere but seeing that heavy rainfall
8:48 pm
for that many hours straight. we do have a flash flood for the delta. that will be for also the delta and with one-2 in. expected in the north bay, the mountains and the higher elevations. 1 in. at other areas with even a flash flood watches with the delta and the wind advisory issued 60 m.p.h., gusting. this storm coming in on wednesday will bring heavy rainfall and a bit of a brake on wednesday evening. with more rain on friday and that will stay steady. also rain on saturday, sunday, monday with not much of a break after the rainfall. lefbeen a good evening, everybody. >> kaepernick, his second
8:49 pm
straight strong performance and even alex smith is no dummy. how were you going to move in on this kid. 31-21 over the saints. granted, the defense help with some interceptions for touchdowns but now as good as the defense was jim harbaugh is going to play his game on a couple more times on who is going to start sunday in st. louis. >> this unique situation where they are playing at a very high level. one azure capt. 1 as your starting quarterback. the other has played a great football the last three football games. they both have a hot hand. and it is unique, we will definitely sayprobably by wednee will say that the biggest
8:50 pm
reason so all our players are not having pressure of who is it. everybody having them for the information. iupui that an our mind that is where we will go out-i think-. >> a bad piece of informational is that kyle williams will miss the rest of the season with a torn ligament in his left kneecap. surgery will come probably early next week. and a difficult strength of like after some points in the playoffs. he came back and was having a pretty decent year but his season is over. and jim harbaugh, really quickly, and i know that i am joking but when you are feeling good about yourself. and i will tell you what but if you were on a losing team you would not look indecisive. but now he can just.
8:51 pm
>> it also keeps the key team members? >> they probably know. that is why kaepernick is in there and if you work in a company, a sports team you know who should be playing and who should not. and if we sit for the entire room that they should probably play alex. he is not going to upset the whole room. and if kaepernick should be the starter? the majestic jacqueline bennett. >> absolutely. >> and here she is. >> it is just one of those things talent always wins and kaepernick is better than alex. alex might be better, >> they both are great guys. from what we know. >> we could perhaps have a but i think that kaepernick has a skill level. and also
8:52 pm
i am on kron 4 i know everything. the writers have lost four in a row. carson polymer the raiders iders for palmer. 24.-nothing. cincinnati was victorious, 54-10 a little bit of april towards the end. with helmets, shoulder pads, your only going to hit court were hurt. 3-8. >> you cannot spot 1824 points and then say we are going to come back. we have got to learn that lesson and understand when you go on the road in a tough environment you have to be able to start fast and take the crowd out of the football game or not able to do that in any phase of the game yesterday. >> monday night football
8:53 pm
seems to keep getting worse with caroline not not having a very good season. however, taking this to 30- 22 carolina wins. they have lost seven games in a row and you know what was going to happen at and the greed. carolina is a winner tonight. and this player has not been suspended a look at this tape over and over again and apparently the left foot in the her groin was ruled just a moment comply there'll be no suspension but they are looking at a possible fine. he is been voted the dirtiest player in the league two years in a row. >> what is amazing is that these players, they make enough but the clubhouse
8:54 pm
manager like mike murphy who started with the team and as a bat boy in 1958 he will receive $373,000. $377,000, for mike murphy. twice in three years, he does hit the financial jackpot and also milky cooper. also received a full share come automatically. cabrera -- also received a full salary.... [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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>> san jose state against kansas. that tent team was down to seven. and this block school record, converting it the other end, the be disto 75-57, and kyle their id is and it is bound to set off of a guard. that is pretty good. from a detroit guy, kiowa, see you at 11.
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